What is prayer? Whatever beliefs you have about prayer, the indisputable fact is that prayer is a universal phenomenon. People from diverse cultures and religions backgrounds seek to experience God, prayer being one way of propelling man towards oneness with God. Why is Christian prayer unique? And isn't it arrogant, not least insensitive, to claim or even hint at spiritual monopoly when it comes to the deepest and, for many, most meaningful of expressions? A common response (i.e. the postmodern response) is that it is absurd, harsh, and harmful to suggest a superior way. And the religious answer is drastically worse if it suggests that access to God is gained through a kind of V.I.P pass bought with moral credit. Christian prayer's uniqueness is not found in it's being more pious or sincere, but in the positional and relational aspects of knowing God Jesus claims He brings through faith in Him. the gospel of grace fills prayer with a humility, wonder, and confidence because nearness with God was bought by Jesus perfect life and death in our place.